Cleansing and exfoliating, deep facial cleanse, eyebrow correction, soothing mask, end care.

For men and women:
approx. 60 min from 90 €


Cleansing and exfoliating, massage (face, cleavage, nape), end care.

approx. 30 min from 60 €


Cleansing and exfoliating, deep facial cleanse, eyebrow correction, soothing mask, massage (face, cleavage, nape), ampoule, end care.

For men and women:
approx. 90 min from 120 €


  • skin is more elastic
  • reduced pores
  • skin is firmer
  • deep lines and wrinkles are much smoother
  • the ability of the skin to intake active ingredients is optimized
  • production of the skin's own collagen and elastin is activated (depth effects)

With this treatment the upper skin layers are mechanically removed with small crystals. The crystals are beamed on the skin with high speed and then vacuumed back.

This method helps to reduce:

  • wrinkles on the face, neck, and cleavage
  • scars
  • pigmentation
  • keratinized skin areas
  • stretch marks
  • skin impurities and large pores

Contraindicated in fluoride acne and other inflammatory skin changes (e.g. rosacea).

approx. 60 min from 100 €
approx. 90 min from 140 €


Innofacial technology offers a variety of treatment options for a balanced skin. A unique combination of active ingredients and the vacuum technique results in a gentle method for moisturizing dry and tight skin, nourishing ageing skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles, and balancing oily skin. In three synchronized steps your skin is cleansed, activated, and properly nourished.

  1. Cleansing: the method removes excess ballast from the skin – impurities, dead skin cells, and keratinized skin are soaked, removed, and finally vacuumed.
  2. Activation and balance: In the second phase, the cell function is activated, skin metabolism boosted, and the skin balanced.
  3. Nourishment: In this phase, the skin gets everything it needs to be restored in a healthy way. The moisture and the active ingredients work together to rejuvenate your skin.

Experience a unique sensation to your skin and be amazed by the younger you you will see in the mirror.

SHORT acne treatment

For impure skin:
approx. 60 min from 120 €
Anti-age treatment:
approx. 60 min 109 - 140 €


This method is the true fountain of youth for your skin! Results of the treatment: Researchers, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists all agree that the reason for premature skin ageing is an oxygen deficit in the skin cells. It does not only make the skin resistant against free radicals, but it also strengthens its resistance against bacteria on the skin.
This allows the efficient treatment of acne, pustules, spots, scars, redness, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Consequently, the tightness and collagen production of the skin are also boosted. After a few sessions, a lot of visible signs of premature ageing will be reduced.

Results of the treatment:

  • radiant look
  • improved micro-cellular circulation
  • reduced visible formation of wrinkles
  • improved skin elasticity
  • regulated sebum production
  • detoxification and purification of the skin
  • regulation of the moisture balance
  • cleansing the blood and strengthening the immune system
  • suited for all skin types

approx. 90 min from 109 €

Beauty Defect Repair (bdr)

The treatment results are comparable to medical skin treatments. The Medical Beauty concept for sensationally improved the skin’s appearance.
This method also allows the treatment of sensitive and allergy-prone skin regardless of the skin’s age. The treatments are individually adapted to your personal skin condition.

Fields of use

  • dry skin lacking moisture and regeneration
  • sun-damaged and keratinized skin
  • sensitive skin with impaired immunity
  • impure, oily or acne-prone skin (also adult acne)
  • scars and wrinkles
  • tissue lacking firmness
  • age controlling treatment

bdr stimulation treatment:
approx. 90 min from 150 €
bdr acne treatment:
approx. 90 min from 120 €
bdr anti-wrinkle treatment:
approx. 90 min from 170 €


This technology includes two combined treatment methods which complement each other and show excellent results. Ultrasound and high voltage impulses.
The ultrasound which simultaneously generates high voltage impulses helps the cosmetic active ingredients to penetrate through the micro pores deep into the skin.
Double use = double effect.

Results of the treatment

  • deeper penetration of the active ingredients into the skin
  • activation of the muscular structure
  • improved blood circulation
  • activation of the lymphatic system
  • tightening of the connective tissue

The method is used to prevent

  • wrinkles
  • acne
  • tear bags
  • couperose skin
  • pigmentation
  • skin irritations

Ultraporese® treatments

approx. 90 min from 130 €
approx. 60 min from 120 €
Couperose skin:
approx. 60 min from 120 €
Eyes and tear-bags:
approx. 40 min from 80 €


This system has a high-tec unit, a so called thermal tip handpiece. When the instrument comes in contact with the treated skin area, it emits a controlled amount of radio frequency energy. At the same time, the collagen and the underlying tissue in the innermost skin layers are being equally warmed up. The warming-up causes the structures in your skin to immediately tighten.

The results are a visibly smooth skin and a rejuvenated appearance. The results of the treatment:

  • wrinkles are reduced (Thermage process)
  • the double chin is removed
  • tissue is tightened

With regular use you can achieve visible tightening of your skin within the next two to six months.

approx. 60 min from 130 €