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Goal of the treatment: reduced circumference of the body, tightened skin and anti-cellulite treatment. At least 10–12 treatments are required once or twice a week, plus individual home care for daily use.

I offer 4 treatment options:

Option 1: pressotherapy 30min; one treatment:

29,00 €, 10 treatments 250,00 €

Option 2: pre-treatment with body drainage cream or cinnamon cream (thermo effect), wrapping with foil, 30min pressotherapy, duration approx. 45min; one treatment:

45 €, 10 treatments 400 €

Option 3: pre-treatment with radio frequency, 30min pressotherapy, duration approx. 1.5 hours; one treatment:

89,00 €, 10 treatments 750,00 €

Option 4: 30min anti-cellulite massage with an appropriate product, wrapping with foil, duration approx. 1.5 hours; one treatment:

79,00 €, 10 treatments 700,00 €

Please bring your own tights and a T-shirt to the treatment.

Pressotherapie Lymphdrainage Anti-Cellulite


Treatment of cellulite with compression wraps and a specially developed foil. Body wrapping results in a reduced body circumference, tightened connective tissue, reduced cellulite, improves the skin condition, does not build fat pads.